Bat SLV Story

If you're a player - you need Bat SLV. With the cost of baseball bats skyrocketing above $500 in recent years, Bat SLV offers a premium, sleek, snug and trendy design that protects baseball bats from dents, dings and scratches, while adding style and swag to your game.

The classic bat drop: If you drop your baseball bat on parking lot pavement or any other surface, Bat SLV covers the parts of your bat at risk: the barrel and the end cap. We've all been through the pain of aluminum, composite and wood baseball bats being gashed, scratched, dented and ultimately ruined due to a fatal drop. If the end cap becomes separated from the barrel, or if there is even a small crack in the bat, the bat will lose compression, resulting in less pop in your bat, lower exit velocity and ultimately, fewer hits and lower stats. Bat SLV protects your investment, keeps the pop in your bat and ensures your baseball bats stay looking good for YOUR big show.

Bat SLV was conceptualized and designed in Rockville Centre, NY. Our designer played baseball at the High School, College and MSBL level. Designed BY players, FOR playersMade with 2mm N2/N2 B foam, Bat SLV is built to last. Protect your sanity and get on with your game - protect your investment with Bat SLV. 

Happy Bats = Happy Stats

Premium Products

If you drop the bat, we GOT you. But don't drop the ball. Order your Bat SLV today and protect your bats from dents, dings and scratches. We offer only high quality, premium products. Also check out our line of original gear and swag at our Merch page.