• Keeps The POP in Your Bat!

    Bat SLV protects baseball bats while adding style & swag to your game. Smooth neoprene & gold rubber patch POP to fire up your game. Black stitching & loops add more drip. Add a pin to accessorize at our Merch page. Happy Bats = Happy Stats

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  • Bat SLV Lifestyle

    Bat SLV is a lifestyle - A premium product line designed BY players FOR players. We understand what players need and we deliver it with style and swag. Our flagship colors are BLACK, GOLD and RED. You're a player and it's your time to shine!

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  • Happy Bats = Happy Stats

    SAY NO! to dents, dings and scratches. Protects end caps and keeps the POP in your bat. Smooth 2mm N2/N2 B foam protects barrel & end cap from drops & mistakes. Protect your sanity and get on with your game!

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