Preserve exit velocity speeds

Happy Bats = Happy Stats™

Bat SLV comes in three colors: Bomb Black, Bash Blue and Hot Red. Pick your favorite and get your game on! Each Bat SLV has a premium rubber patch with a gold logo that pops to make your baseball bat stand out while offering protection from dents, dings and scratches on and off the field.


Hitting The Ballpark

Game Day

Have a great day at the park. Don't worry if your teammates throw your bat around recklessly. With Bat SLV, your baseball bat won't get scratched in the dirt and rocks or on the cement in the dugout. Bat SLV uses Adaptive Fit Stretch-Tek Technology to form fit to your bat and won't slip or slide off your bat while it's not in use. Now step up to the plate and hit some bombs!


Premium quality products

Style Meets Protection

Bat SLV and all baseball merch associated with the brand are high quality products that are carefully chosen and tested for fit, style and satisfaction of top level players. Check out our snapback hats and tees that are the perfect fit for on-field fashion. Add a pin for more drip and also pick up some statement stickers for your gear.

  • Keeps The POP in Your Bat!™

    Bat SLV protects baseball bats while adding style & swag to your game. Smooth neoprene & gold rubber patch POP to fire up your game. Black stitching & loops add more drip. Add a pin to accessorize at our Merch page. Happy Bats = Happy Stats

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  • Bat SLV Lifestyle

    Bat SLV is a lifestyle - A premium product line designed BY players FOR players. We understand what baseball players need and we deliver it with style and swag. Our flagship colors are BLACK, GOLD and RED. You're a player and it's your time to shine!

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  • Happy Bats = Happy Stats™

    SAY NO! to dents, dings and scratches. Protects end caps and keeps the POP in your bat. Smooth 2mm N2/N2 B foam protects barrel & end cap from drops & mistakes. Protect your sanity and get on with your game!

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